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๐Ÿ›๏ธ Company
Set up the company structure of your portfolio.
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Using companies in Propely is a way to structure the real estate portfolio.

A parent company is used to administate settings, landlord members, integrations, notifications, access rights and more.

It is also possible to add what we call "Administered companies", but this is completely voluntary. These administered companies will most often be subsidiary to a parent of the same corporation, and can for instance be a single-purpose LLC that holds a specific property. The administered company gets all its settings and members from the parent.

How do I create a company?

Creating a new company can be done from the top right corner of the Company page.

Click Create new.

Proceed by filling in a company name, and choosing whether the new company should be administered by a different company or not.

If it should be administered, you will also have to select an existing owner/parent company.

Click Confirm, et voilร , your company has been created.

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