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πŸ‘₯ Inviting users
πŸ‘₯ Inviting users

How to invite landlords, tenants and contractors.

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There are three main types of users in Propely:

  • Landlord/managers

  • Tenants/building users

  • Contractors

How to invite landlords

Inviting landlords is done from the Company page.

Click Add a new member, at the bottom of the members list.

The following popup will appear.

  • Fill in an email, and click Next. If the user do not already exist, you will also have to write the name of the user.

  • The company of the user is automatically set.

  • Then, select the properties the user should have access to.

  • Lastly, if the user needs "super user" permissions, check the checkbox with the Super user mark.

Finish off by clicking Invite member.

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