➕ How to create a routine

Step-by-step guidance to get up and running with routines in a few minutes

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Start by going to the Routines page and clicking Create new routine in the top right corner.

Continue by:

  • Filling out a routine title

  • Selecting a routine type (fire, electrical, HVAC etc.)

  • Choosing the company that shall have access to the routine

Then, connect the routine to one or more properties. The routine will create one task per property.

The routine can also be connected to specific tenants. As a standard, the routine tasks are only visible to landlords, but you can also give tenants access to see specific routines.

💡 Setting up tenant routines is perfect to get control over tenant duties, and that those duties are actually followed through. The tenants will automatically receive notifications and reminders when they need to execute the routine tasks.

Last step is to choose a frequency. If needed, you can also change the standard start date of the routine and the deadline for the tasks that are created.

The possibility of frequencies are endless. Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

The routine can also be set to Running. A running routine does not automatically create tasks by set frequencies. Instead, you can create tasks connected to that routine whenever it is needed.

An example could be a routine of snow plowing. You never know when there is enough snow that plowing is needed. Therefore, you set it up as a running routine, and create each task sporadically.

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