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πŸ›¬ Import data
πŸ›¬ Import data
Easy data import from any source.
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It is easy to import data into Propely from either existing systems, Excel-sheets or file archives.

We separate data import into to different types:

  1. Import of raw data from spreadsheets. This can be property lists, deviation history, tenant lists, member lists etc.

  2. Import of file archives

How to do the import

As of now, you should be a bit tech savvy to be able to do the import properly on your own. If you don't feel too comfortable about it, reach out to us and we'll help you. Let your Propely contact know about your needs, and we will help you get your data imported into the system.

Do note that it is only possible to import to excel files without the help from the Propely team.

However, if you are importing on your own, please proceed.

Start out by going to the Company page, and scroll down in the Settings menu.

Select the Import tab, marked in green in the screenshot below. You will be presented with a variety of data types you can import.

We will be using import of tenants as an example of how the import is done. The exact same principles are applied to other data types as well.

Select the right data type and click Next in the bottom right corner to proceed.

Prepare your Excel file

Our import tool is made to fit many different excel setups. However, there are some guidelines you will need to follow.

In the image below, you can see an example of a valid import file.

  • Each line equals one tenant

  • All data fields are in separate columns

  • The order of the columns is not important

When your file is complete, upload it to Propely and click Next.

This is how it will look like next. The system has made an attempt to try to understand what type of data is saved in each column. We will need to do some tweaks.

Mapping data

For instance, we see that the Property column "Needs mapping". Click the cog wheel next to the orange text to proceed.

The system wants you to control that it has understood which property the tenants belongs to. In this case, it has successfully mapped the property name to the existing property "Propely Headquarters". We therefore click confirm.

You may need to change this, if the properties haven't been mapped correctly.

Manually setting data type of column

One of our columns, "Contract enddate", haven't been mapped correctly. We therefore need to click Select field to do this manually.

We choose "Contract end date" as the field, and proceed by clicking Confirm.

Each column is now mapped correctly, so we continue by clicking Next in the bottom right corner.

To finish off, we control that the data has been read correctly.

In our case, everything looks good, so we continue by clicking Import.

Scroll to the right to see the status of the import. As we see, all tenants were imported successfully.

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