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✍️ Publishing posts and sending emails to tenants
✍️ Publishing posts and sending emails to tenants

Posts are a great way to send out information to many tenants in just a few minutes.

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Good communication is one of the most important factors affecting tenant satisfaction. Our post functionality lets you publish news and messages to your tenants, easily available in the platform or through emails.

Posts are written from the Social page. Start by clicking Write a new post.

Continue by:

  • Selecting your target audience

  • Choosing how the post should be sent, either through push notifications, emails or both

  • Filling in a good title and some engaging content

  • You can also create translations for your post. Users logging in to the platform will be able to see the content in their chosen language.

  • There is also the possibility to add attachments

Finish off by proof-reading the content, before publishing the post 📤.

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