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Propely has three different roles a user can be on a property:

  • Landlord

  • Tenant

  • Contractor

Each of these roles has different access to different information in the system, and can perform different actions.

A user can also have the Superuser and Operations Manager tags which give them even more options. See the description of these below.


Landlords are users who manage a property with its information. When you create a property, you are automatically set as a landlord.


Tenants are users that a landlord has invited to one or more tenant units on a property. Tenants do not get access to information about other tenant units in a property.


Contractors are users who are members of a contractor group. Contractors only have access to the basic property information of the properties that a landlord has given them access to, but also have the option to report deviations. A contractor also gets access to deviations that a landlord has delegated to one of their contractor groups.


Users can also be assigned the tags Superuser and Operations Manager, regardless of whether they are landlords, tenants or suppliers. These tags are unique for each property the user is a member of, which means that you can, for example, be a super user on Property A, but not Property B.

Super user

A super user gets access to more property information and more actions than regular users.

Operations manager

Operations managers get access to all deviations on the properties the user has been assigned the tag to, and can also delegate these deviations to supplier groups, regardless of the user's role.

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