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Product updates from January πŸ“£
Product updates from January πŸ“£
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In the last month, we have launched many big and small things that will improve the user experience on Propely πŸ™Œ.

Introducing to-do's βœ…

Task management has always been a key functionality of Propely. However - sometimes all you need is a simple reminder to follow up a tenant regarding their contract, contact a contractor or discuss a task on the next internal meeting.

Today, we are proud to introduce to-do's in Propely. To-do's are a quick and simple way to create reminders for you or your teammates in Propely. To-do's can both be private or shared with your team, making it easy to keep everyone in the loop.

Read more about the release here.

Expiration profile πŸ“‰

As some as you might have seen, we've introduced a new widget to our portfolio dashboard. The new expiration profile shows the expected income for the years to come, based on tenants in the platform and their contract start/end dates.

This widget will also calculate a WAULT and allows the user to select their own expected CPI's.

Powerful property files πŸ“‚

Property files just got an upgrade! In the "Files" section in a property, there are now actions to connect files to Documentation. That means that all files are searchable and filterable from the property page, as well as being shown in the Documentation structure.

Editing of default documentation collections πŸ“‚

Propely provides a default Documentation structure for collections like Fire protection, Environmental documentation etc.

With the new update, you can now go to the Documentation structure panel on the company page and edit "Default items" listed under the Fields-section. New items you add to that page, will automatically sync to all your properties.

Different responsibles on same routine πŸ§‘β€πŸ”§

A lot of our users have routines that are similar across properties, but have different responsibles for different properties. Earlier, you were not able to separate this, but from now on there is no need to duplicate routines just to change responsibles.

Head over to the routine page and edit responsibles, to toggle the new "Same people on all properties" checkbox.

Invoice receivers 🧾

To make it easier to let contractors know who they should invoice for work they've done on tasks, we are introducing Invoice receivers.

Head over to your company page to find a new panel "Invoice Receivers", where you can setup different companies that might be invoiced for work done. You are then able to select the invoice receiver for specific tasks, in the "Other information" panel on the task page.

Easier tenant import πŸ“₯

Keeping tenant information up to date in the platform can often be a manual process. Today, however, this can be simplified considerably, by allowing import of Excel sheets with tenants that update existing tenancies in the system.

Deviation connections from mobile πŸ“±

Connecting deviations to documentation, parking spots, other tasks etc. has always been a powerful tool. Today, we are introducing this to our iOS-app, soon to be released on Android as well. Head over to the front-page of an task to get started.

Other updates

  • The property list on the company page is now collapsable

  • Contractors can now create routines

  • Bulk editing of deviations and routine activities

  • Insights reports have more varied colors

  • Insights reports can hide overlapping texts

  • Support for uploading Unloc lock images

  • Support for previewing .mov files

  • Fixed a bug where empty tenants were visible on property page

  • Fixed other small bugs

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